Pictures in the Header – USA

It took me a while to decide whether I should just have “USA” in the title or “state, USA”. To be fair with my other “Pictures in the Header Series” posts, only the country is included.

OK, United States of America is huge, it’s enormous, it’s humongous, it stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific (with Hawaii another 5 hours flight from its western most city of San Francisco). Just to give the readers an idea, while waiting for our train to New York, my boys and I were discussing, which was bigger in terms of square miles, Europe or the USA (such are discussions that normal people have when waiting for their trains to go places). Well it turned out Europe is bigger but only slightly, being 3.931 million square miles versus 3.806 million square miles of USA (including Hawaii and Alaska) – The reverse would not have surprised me a bit.

All said we have pictures to talk about.


Zion National Park, Utah – If I were to rank order the National Parks that we have visited so far in the USA, Zion would top the list. It is captivating. This is not the best picture to share but the only one handy to add (had to include one from Zion). Reserve a guide and hike the river bed (an 11 mile hike) with red and brown canyon walls enclosing you on both sides.

Acadia National Park, Maine, USA

Acadia National Park, Maine, USA

Arcadia National Park, Maine – And this would rank the 2nd! I snapped this from our hotel room, so the picture is not technically of inside the park but of Frenchman Bay between Bar Harbor and Winter Harbor. The hiking trails are picturesque and many are easy to do with kids. Do the complete Jordan Pond – South Bubble Loop (some steep sections) and treat yourself with tea and scones at the Jordan Pond House.