Paterson Great Falls – National Historic Site

A small gem in the middle of the city of Paterson. Walking around the old, historic and populated town one least likely expects such beauty and serenity.

DSC05208 DSC05210

DSC05211 DSC05214 DSC05215 DSC05216 DSC05217 DSC05219

wpid-wp-1443127652324.jpeg wpid-wp-1443127572612.jpeg wpid-wp-1443127259606.jpeg

wpid-wp-1443127572614.jpeg wpid-wp-1443127334156.jpeg wpid-wp-1443127260568.jpeg wpid-wp-1443127260673.jpeg wpid-wp-1443127259611.jpeg wpid-wp-1443127259644.jpeg wpid-wp-1443127259612.jpeg


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