A Walk Around the Princeton Campus

Every Monday, since the last three years, my son goes for his hour long French tutoring in Princeton downtown. And every Monday, since the last three years minus the really cold and rainy days, I get my hour long walk around the town and the campus. I have visited/toured many university campuses in the US and few in Europe but nothing compares to this small yet quietly beautiful university. It grows on you, beckons you to come and explore the many hidden walkways and gardens, and compels you to admire the architecture, the carvings, the archways and the blend of traditional and modern, so subtly done that it’s almost unnoticeable.

First time ever, I actually took some shots. The images below are from my Android, I guess coming Monday my camera is my walking companion 🙂







wpid-wp-1443127200913.jpeg wpid-wp-1443127200927.jpeg wpid-wp-1443127200912.jpeg wpid-wp-1443127200930.jpeg wpid-wp-1443127200917.jpeg wpid-wp-1443127143439.jpeg


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