The Sooner State – Oklahoma

Once we found ourselves in Oklahoma. Believe me; it was not easy to fly there, with a distinct lack of direct flights from NJ (OK direct flights offered by United). I got a lot of questions like, “why are you going to Oklahoma?” – OK people you are not making it easy for us but the simple answer is for a family wedding; “where again?” – uh, Oklahoma; “why Oklahoma?” – because that’s where the wedding is, really why else?, etc. etc. etc.

In any case, even after all the encouraging comments and questions, we were in Oklahoma City for three and a half days and our time was split as follows:

Mornings: Elemental Coffee in Oklahoma City ( – amazing, worth giving a try, out of this world coffee, a definite go-to place (we went every day for breakfast).


Elemental Coffe


Post-Elemental Coffee: wondering what to do, driving around, going to the mall (it seemed like most residents of OKC were also visiting the mall), driving the historic Route 66, a quick visit to the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, wondering some more about what to do, getting ready for one of the three wedding events.


Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum entrance.


And Jesus wept.

Evenings (until late night): at the wedding events.

There wasn’t much to do in OKC during the time we were there (and did not have time to explore the greater part of the state). This might be different in the summer. There are few historical places to visit. Walking the Trail of Tears (the trail marks the forceful displacement of thousands of Native Americans from Georgia following the Indian Removal Act of 1830 to someplace west of the Mississippi River). One of the major trail ends in Eastern Oklahoma. Driving Route 66 (, although I must say that the route is much more fun to drive in Arizona (or we were young when we drove that part of the route and hence the fond memories).

Virtual Tourist has come up with a list of 566 things to do in Oklahoma (

TheinfiniteMap advice: Go only if you must!


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