Maps and More

There is nothing like spreading a map on the floor or a table and charting the course of a journey. The unfolding of a map is like unfolding adventures to come, which we plan, plot and execute ourselves. No matter the technological advances, the convenience of global positioning systems, instant direction mapping on our phones – nothing can beat the old world charm of holding, and reading a real paper map. One almost feels like the travelers and adventurers of the past – with oil lamps, ink pots, magnifying glasses – huddled over tables, drawing the courses to conquer the seas and the oceans and discovering the unknowns.

It’s difficult to explain the feeling – the joy, the anticipation, the control, the togetherness – that comes from making travel plans using maps.

We have many lying around the house. A large framed world map hangs in my office, we normally get one of places we visit – so quite a few of those, and probably a road map in the car. It makes an excellent souvenir and is also a tool to find new, sometimes more scenic routes to our destinations.

However, I have never taken a picture of one until today – this picture marks the beginning of my first adventure after starting this blog – our upcoming California road trip in April 2015.



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