Antarctica – The Largest Desert

I initially spelled “desert” as “dessert” – it’s obvious where my priorities lie.

Yes, Antarctica is the largest desert in the world. To be classified as a desert the region needs to have less than 10 inches of rainfall in a year. Just to give an idea: Death Valley, CA receives, on average, about 2.3 inches of annual rain fall – Antarctica receives less than 2 inches of average annual rainfall – Sahara Dessert, in Africa, on average, less than 0.9 inches.

I have no idea how, if ever, I will manage a trip to the frozen continent, don’t even know if I will like it or not. But what is a wish if not somewhat impossible 🙂

In any case, a trip to the South Pole tops the chart!


Doesn’t seem that far from the south most tip of Argentina or Chile!!!


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