Pictures in the Header – Turkey


We went for some Turkish coffee one evening. A trip to Turkey (albeit only a three day trip) cannot be complete without some Turkish or Hazelnut coffee or Apple Spiced tea and some delicious, out of this world Turkish Delights and Baklava. We ended up in this small shop on the main road between the Sultan Ahmed Mosque and Haga Sophia (walking towards the Grand Bazaar). I don’t remember the name but believe it was Baklavaci Muhammad Said. The picture is of their counter display of Turkish delights, dry fruits and Baklava. My husband couldn’t resist a picture.


MUZE – The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art is a must visit. Right across the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, this palatial museum used to be the residence of the Grand Vizier, Suleiman the Magnificent. Walking in the corridors one can almost feel transported back in time. When women whispered in the harems, powerful men walked in imposing hallways waging wars on those who displeased and showering gold and gems on those who were in favor, and the lesser people bowed to them in severance. The quite gardens, the hidden coffee store that is just there when you turn a corner, the light filtering through the glassed ceilings, the ancient carpets lovingly preserved, the Qur’anic manuscripts hand written with reverence, the beautiful Turkish calligraphy all speak of a heritage so rich and diverse that it can take a lifetime to study and understand. Turkey is truly the crossroad of the East and the West. It was the seat of Roman Christianity for hundreds of years and then the seat of the Islamic Empire for many hundreds afterwards.


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